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What We Do

The unique thing About Us is our core focus - to offer tips on how to achieve optimum health and fitness through exercise and consuming the right diet. If you want to achieve that perfectly toned body without spending all your life in the gym, this is the right place. Since our inception, we have helped people with weight problems to lose weight in a healthy way that combines exercise and consuming a healthy, balanced diet. We have also guided aspiring, amateur, and professional athletes to up their games. Moreover, we have helped many people of all ages build strong, confident, and athletic bodies.

We specialize in assisting our readers to build high-performance bodies that look not only good but also feel great and healthy. Our aim in this area is to bridge the gap between looking great and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our practical specialist guides are designed to take you through the steps of transforming your body and offer you vital tips on the mindset, tools, and confidence you need to succeed while at it. 

What We Don’t Do

At Best Weight Exercises, we are always aware of the fact that nowadays anyone with a smartphone, abs, and a flashy social media presence can pretend and appear to be a health and fitness guru. Fortunately, we know that most of these people don’t have a clue about most of the things they are trying to offer.

Best Weight Exercises is established on the solid foundation of professionalism. It is drawn from the expertise and good reputation that Mike and Linda hold in health and fitness. To this end, our articles does not peddle fake hopes or publish fake reviews. Similarly, all our guides do not contain any workout and diet regimens that have been proven to be scientifically bad for the body or have the potential to harm your health.


I’d recommend Mike and Linda to anyone aspiring to improve fitness. Their guides have held me accountable for all the goals in each step. In a few months, I was able to lose weight and gained the energy. I’ve had to change my wardrobe since the clothes I used to wear are too baggy for me.

Derrick T.


What we truly need in the health and fitness industry are real coaches- like Mike and Linda. With Mike and Linda, I was not promised anything absurd like ten-minute abs, 16-inch arms in three weeks, or lose 20 pounds in one week. Their guides are practical and take you through each step of the regimen gradually according to your needs.

Taylor F.

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Linda Whipkey

Editor of BWE

Mike Benard

Editor of BWE