Write For Us

Are you a content writing lover? How experienced are you in this field? Well, if you're willing to deliver a king content, we are looking for you. Yes, you. 

We have a large fitness and workout blogging community, and we are looking for competent and responsible writers. We have been working so hard over the years to build our brand, and now that we have, we are welcoming fellow bloggers on board. So if you like the sound of this and you’re confident enough about your work, grab this opportunity. 

What Are We Looking For?

We are sourcing for talented bloggers and testimonials, who have something unique and challenging to share with the world in areas of :

  • Exercises
  • Nutrition
  • Diet
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How Will This Work? 

You will submit your post primarily tips and tricks about the above- stated topics. Kindly ensure your work is 100% original to avoid rejection and probably blocking from ever working with us. We have reliable plagiarism tools for this.

Ensure your article is around 700 words and focuses more on triggering reader curiosity concerning your area of expertise. By all means, avoid using salesy language in your work but rather concentrate on providing educational information that will help readers make appropriate choices. 

Another thing, we ONLY accept articles written in proper American English as our readers are mainly from this demographic. So don’t waste your time if you’re still learning as we don’t have time to correct your grammatical errors. Be precise. 

We advise all the interested parties to double check their work before submitting as this will save us a lot of time. We ONLY do minor editing work to suit the standard editorial requirements for approved articles. You should be okay with this.

Some of the reasons as to why we might reject your work include; if they makes use of vulgar language, contains your personal affiliate links or plagiarizes on images, videos, and content.

Why Should You Write For Us?

You should write for us because :

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    We give you a credible platform to express your uniqueness.
  • We support positive change in all areas of life.
  • Share your experience and result with readers.
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    We have a global audience and great following, so your work will reach thousands of users in a day.
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    We give you a platform to touch lives the only way that you know better. 
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    It’s an incredible opportunity to share your Bio without seeming implosive.

The Tone of the Articles We Want

When it comes to writing, the tone is everything. Therefore, we expect you to draft your articles in a positive and inspiring nature. You should speak as if you’re speaking to a friend. By all means, avoid being sarcastic and too assertive. 

Does it sound like you’re the one we are looking for? Don’t hesitate, reach out to us through bestweightexercises@gmail.com and let’s embrace fitness world together! We will be glad to hear from you. Thank you!