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BEWARE: You MUST READ my review before Buying Bikini Body Guide Workouts!

Are you confused about the different female workout programs on the market?

You’re not alone – after all most of them sound the same, they all feature amazing before and after photos and the workouts for most of them seem interchangeable.

But beware!

Bikini Body Guide may sound like Bikini Body Workouts but there’ a world of difference between them . . .

One is great . . . the other not worth your hard-earned cash!

Read on to discover which is which.

But first, let me tell you my story. ?

Hi, I’m Kristin. I’m 29 years old, though people would frequently mistake me for being ten years older. For the last ten years I’ve gone through some pretty harrowing experiences. I don’t really want to go there but let’s just say that it encompassed the three dreaded ‘D’’s – death, divorce and disease.

Guess what my coping strategy was . . . you guessed it – food. And not jut any food.

My favorite was Doritos. I’d scoff them down by the boxful. You can imagine the result on my body. When I turned 29 three months ago, I weighed in at 175 pounds - and most of it was sitting on my hips and thighs.

It was on that day that I decided that enough was enough. I remembered that old saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same old thing and expecting a different result. Ineeded to do something completely different in order to get out of the body that I was living inside of.

So, I went to Google. I typed in ‘bikini body exercise’ and the first two hits that came up were . . . ?

Bikini Body Guide


Bikini Body Workouts

How I Found This Product

Not having gone near a bikini in nearly a decade, I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I clicked on the first one anyway. It took me to the homepage of Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines.

At first glance it looked pretty good – it made all the expected promises to ‘blast away body fat’ and the girl behind the program, Kayla Itsines, clearly had a great body. I’d actually heard of her before, having read about all the money she’d been making out of her ‘fitness empire’.

It was when I scrolled down the page that I discovered how she’d made all that cash . . .

Her stuff is EXPENSIVE – and you don’t get anything for free. ?

I thougt that the $53.50 Phase One Training Program was pretty steep – only to realize that there was a follow-up Phase Two Program that was going to set me back another $53.60.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Kayla actually charges extra for her nutritional guide – at the rate of yet another $53.60.

Add it all up and Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide was going to cost me more than $160!

Sure, I was desperate to get out of my fat bod, but I wasn’t going spend more than a hundred and fifty bucks to help Kayla Itsines maintain her lavish lifestyle!

When I dug deeper on the Bikini Body Guide, things only got worse as far as my credit card was concerned. There was an extra Recipe Guide that I would have at least expected to be thrown in for free – but no chance – Kayla wants an extra $15.30 for it.

On top of all that, you even have to buy extra equipment to do the Kayla workouts. This includes benches, dumbbells, a medicine ball, a skipping rope, a bosu ball and an exercise mat. Kayla also recommends a heart rate monitor which she sells for the exorbitant rate of $76.58!

But that’s not even the worst of it . . . once you complete the 12- week workout program, you then have to pay even more money to complete weeks 13 through 24. And guess how much that costs?


That was it!

Enough was enough . . . I quickly clicked out of Bikini Body Guide and clicked on Bikini Body Workouts shoping that this one was interested in more than ransacking my credit card.

Bikini Body Workouts – The Better Alternative

The first thing that caught my eye was the challenge to ‘Get a bikini body in 60 days’.

Rolling my eyes, I scrolled on down to discover things that really made sense – like why most diet and exercise programs don’t work. By the time I’d reached the bottom of the page, I was sold. If Bikini Body Workouts could give me half of the results that I’d just seen on the before and after photos, I’d be shouting from the rooftops.

Needless to say, I signed up.

Bikini Body Workouts vs Bikini Body Guide :

Let's compare Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines and Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia. ?


BBW by Jen

BBG by Kayla


Level 1 - (Beginner)



BBW by Jen

Level 2 - (Advanced)



BBW by Jen

Nutrition Guide



BBW by Jen




BBW by Jen

So, What is Bikini Body Workouts and Who is it For?

The Bikini Body Workouts Program is a complete body transformation system that is geared towards getting you maximum fat loss and body sculpting results in 60 days. It includes . . .

  • Online instructional exercise videos – the woman behind the Bikini Body Workouts is Jen Ferruggia. Jen has provided high definition video of her doing every single exercise so that you can see exactly what the ideal technique looks like.
  • Bikini Body Workouts Guide – Jen provides you with a series of workout programs geared toward different training outcomes. She lays out every set, every rep – even the length of each rest period between sets.
  • Bikini Body Nutrition Guide – Think you can’t eat delicious foods and still lose weight? Forget all of that – with the Bikini Body Nutrition Guide, Jen provides you with complete nutritional guidance so you can burn fat all day long without sacrificing the foods you love.
  • star
    Bikini Body Supplement List – There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to fat loss supplements. Jen will allow you to get past the hype and oversell to discover what really works to strip off real body fat.
  • star
    Bikini Body Comprehensive Shopping List – With Jen’s guidance you can make the smartest grocery shopping decisions every single week.
  • star
    Bikini Body 21-Day Booty Blast – The butt is a perennial problem area for us women. But Jen’s got us covered. Her 21-day Body Blast gives you a 10-minute daily specialized program for glorious glutes.

The Bikini Body Workouts Program is designed for everyday women like you and me. You don’t have to be a gym bunny to be able to benefit from this program. In fact, I had never stepped into a gymnasium in my life when I started this program – and I’ve been doing pretty good (more on that soon!).

Believe me, this program is for real women who want to achieve real results! ?

What I Found

I paid my $29.99 and went directly to the download page. The products that I received were exactly as the promo page had depicted them. I was immediately struck by how professionally presented the products were – and comprehensive. The exercise demonstrations that Jen provides are great – it’s just like having her there as your personal trainer.

I was delighted to discover that the workouts were realistic for my level. They didn’t take an hour each time; each one is no more than 45 minutes, which meant that they were able to fit seamlessly into my lifestyle. Plus, you only have to work out for a total of three hours per week.

You only train 4 days a week – that means you get 3 days off – yay! ?

I was also delighted to find that the Bikini Body Workouts Program comes with a home workouts option. When I started, I simply did not have the self confidence to ‘perform’ in front of other people, so I chose the home workout option. Funny thing is, after a few weeks my self confidence had grown so much, that I decided to give the gym a go – and now I absolutely love it!

The Benefits

The biggest benefit I found with the Bikini Body Workouts Program was that it is completely workable with my lifestyle. I’m a working Mom with three kids. Still, I have managed to seamlessly fit in my four 45-minute workouts pretty easily (I did my workouts on Monday at 7pm, Wednesday at 7pm, Saturday in the afternoon and Sunday in the morning).

The workouts were completely realistic for me. As a person with a non-exercising background, this was huge plus. I was able to learn from scratch thanks to the great video training that Jen provides.

The nutritional guidance that you get from Jen is both comprehensive and practical. With nutrition being at least 70% of your success, you really need this information if you are going to make real progress. Combined with the shopping guide and supplement program, I was able to avoid the pitfalls. This nutritional guidance was the biggest factor in my success.

UPDATE: My Results After Using Bikini Body Workouts

At the start, I said that people used to mistake me for being in my late 30’s. Well, now the reverse is the case. The other day, this guy at a bar actually asked me for ID! I couldn’t believe it! ?

I’ve lost six inches off my waist, two inches from each thigh, and now I have finally got a beach worthy butt. Take a look at some pictures which covered the last few weeks of the program.

The very fact that I’m showing pictures of me in a bikini on the internet speaks volumes about the success of this program. Three months ago, I could not even have dreamed of doing this. And that’s probably the greatest benefit that I have gotten from the Bikini Body Workouts Program – my self-confidence has gone through the roof!


Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia is the real deal. It provides you with a truly comprehensive program that includes full nutritional guidance, chopping lists, supplement programs, HD video of every exercise and a series of training programs (including a home workout option).

The workouts are achievable even for non-exercisers, they can easily fit into even the busiest of lifestyles and Jen provides great support (including a full 60-day money back guarantee). 

Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia is available for just $29.99.

You can order it from the official website :

I loved the results I got from Bikini Body Workouts and I know you will too! ❤

If you have any question about bbg or bbw,don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

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