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If you’re thinking about buying Resurge, don’t do a thing until you have read what I’ve got to say? Here's my review after using it for 3 weeks...I’m about to tell you what I really think! Is it right for you? Keep reading...

Hi, I’m Kimberly. I’m a 35-year-old mom of a three-year-old girl and a 3-month old baby. When I had my first child, Samantha, I put on a pile of weight. I had every intention to get rid of it after my pregnancy, but guess what? Not only did I not ditch that extra flab, I piled on even more weight during my second pregnancy. That left me feeling pretty unhappy with the way I looked just a few months back. On top of that, I wasn’t sleeping very well at all. I’d get up in the middle of the night, check on the baby and then head straight for the fridge. 🙁

I’ve been trying to get on top of these problems for years. I’ve even bought a number of online supplement products promising to help me lose weight fast and beat my insomnia.

How I Found Resurge

A couple of months back, I found myself lying in bed staring at the ceiling at 3 in the morning. I’d been tossing and turning in frustration just like everynight. And just like every night, I soon found myself staring into the refrigerator. On that night, however, rather than reaching for the cheesecake, I closed the door and headed for my laptop. I began scrolling through Google in search of a solution to my endless cycle of not sleeping, binging and then getting fatter. I was immediately struck by a product that was getting unanimous praise. I clicked over to its website and starting learning about a product called Resurge. What I read made me clock on the Buy Now button.

What’s Included

​​​​Resurge is a completely natural supplement diet product designed to help you lose weight fast. It promises to help you:

  • Burn more bodyfat
  • Sleep better
  • Reduce the appetite
  • Prevent night time cravings

Resurge is a product that was created by a man named John Barban. He is a diet expert who wrote a best-selling book called ‘The Venus Factor.’

The Resurge pill will increase your body’s thermogenic level, so that you burn more calories throughout the day. It will also allow you to get to sleep better and stay in a deep sleep for longer. This is critical to fat loss. When you are sleeping you are able to properly regulate the two key hormones that control hunger and satiety; leptin and ghrelin. But when you don’t sleep properly, these hormones are thrown out of whack. That is why you experience those midnight hunger cravings that were leading me to the fridge every night.

Here are the ingredients inside every Resurge capsule:

  • Melatonin
  • Ashwagandha
  • Hydroxytryptophan
  • L-Theanine
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

I looked up these ingredients before I ordered Resurge. They all have plenty of research to back up their ability to either lose weight, improve your sleep and / or get rid of food cravings.

Is Resurge Worth Your Money?

Resurge is definitely worth the money. It packs in some pretty powerful ingredients that really work. Imagine what you would be willing to pay to finally find a product that would allow you to:

  • Lose body fat fast
  • Get a refreshing 7-8 hours of sleep EVERY night
  • Defeat hunger cravings
  • Suppress your appetite.

You get all of this with Resurge for just $49.00 per month. When you compare that with competing weight loss supplements out there, it represents very good value for money – especially when you factor in that most other products do not include any ingredients to improve your sleep or suppress your appetite.

With Resurge, the more you buy, the more you save. If you buy 3 bottles, the price per bottle comes down to just $39 ($117 total). But the best value buy is to get 6 bottles for $204, which brings the per bottle cost down to a super low $34.00.

Your purchase of Resurge is backed up by a complete 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

When it comes to bad points about Resurge, I really don’t have much to say. The only thing would be to only take the tablets at night time. Although I have not had any negative experiences with Resurge, you should know that this really works well when it comes to getting you to sleep. That is thanks to the melatonin that it includes. So, just be careful when you take it -after all you don’t want to be drifting off while you’re driving on the freeway.

My Results Before and After Using Resurge

I’d only been using Resurge for one night when I noticed immediate results – I was able to get to sleep within 190 minutes of hitting the pillow. That was unheard of me for. Within a week, I was noticing some serious weight loss. After three weeks, I was feeling so good about the while things that I took some photos to compare with from three weeks earlier. Check them out . . . 🙂

I’m absolutely thrilled with the results that I’ve gotten after only three weeks. Yet, these pictures only tell part of the story. My energy levels have gone way up. I’m averaging 7.5 hours of sleep every single night and I’m no longer rushing to the fridge at night or between meals!


Resurge has quite literally changed my life. I would have been a convert to this product if just one of its 3 major claims proved true for me. The fact that is has come through on all 3 claims . . .

  • Improve Fat Burn
  • Overcome Insomnia
  • Prevent Cravings

is huge for me. I can, therefore, recommend this product to you with total confidence. Resurge is the real deal. If you are suffering from weight gain, lack of sleep and / or uncontrollable food cravings, then you need this product! 🙂

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Hi Kimberley,
I struggle with my weight am so depressed cuz i be gaining more weight each day, but you give me faith!
Thank you


    You are welcome 🙂


Thanks for your review and Congratulations!
I Never even knew about this supplement,but seriously i’m very excited to give it a try.


    Thank you for reading.
    take action and never give up 😉


Hey Kimberley,
Thank you for the honest review, just started mine and really worth it.


    Hey Maribel,
    Thanks for reading…Yes this supplement worth every penny.


This review is 100% accurate, Started taking Resurge less than 30 days and noticed big change in my body.


    Happy to hear that from you : )


I highly recommend! It has only been a few days on Resurge, and I have already dropped some pounds. I ended up choosing this one because it had a lot of great reviews, and I am glad I did!


    Amazing..thanks for sharing your review here.


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