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My yoga burn review - Is it really worth your money?

Are you young and beautiful but your body is not corresponding to your desire? Are you thinking of trying out the YOGA BURN 12 weeks’ program? And you're asking yourself "is this right for me? is this worth my time and money?". well here is what I think of it after 6 weeks of experience.

I am Callista Hills, I am 29 years old and am about to tell you how my experience with YOGA BURN all started, keep reading. 🙂

My Story

Being a young lady in her late 20's and weighing 67 pounds isn't something a woman should be proud of. It's not that am not pretty, it's just that my body isn't giving me what I really need or will I say what I desire. You know, that firm sexy lightweight body every woman desires.

And also being one of the fattest persons in my group of friends and at work was eating me up right from high school and college where I was called chubby and all sorts of names. Even though I lost a couple of pounds over the years, my body wasn't perfect yet.

Well, I wouldn't say I had it in mind all along, until the day I started getting complaints from my boss about my sluggish behavior and how he sees me as someone that cannot get the job done on time. I won't lie, that period I was just too tired to do any work, I would prefer to just sit back relax and let other people do my job for me, of course you know that's when my boss is not around. I was feeling too stressed out each day after work.

This time around I told myself "Callista, enough of this nonsense, get serious and fix up your life" 😉

How I Found The Yoga Burn Program

Well, I was thinking of getting into shape without taking any pill or whatsoever, also knowing that my only option was to work out; the real question was how to enroll in a good workout program that won't affect my work at the same time. Then I started making enquires on regular gym classes with the idea of getting one that won't affect my schedule, which was until a friend of mine advised me to try yoga instead and to go for the online, or will I say digital approach rather than otherwise.

Then my search began, I was surfing the web for good yoga programs then I came across YOGA BURN which is a 12 week program on DVD created by Zoe-Bray Cotton, which I thought wouldn't be right for me till I read out the part where it was written that the program is for beginners like I am. So I paid the $37 fee and got the DVD which came with four extra videos that include; Tips and Tools, Tranquility Flow, Pose Tutorials and Beginners Flow.

All about Yoga Burn Program

It is a digital and fully downloadable yoga system specified for ladies to help them burn fat, feel energized and achieve effective weight loss, which runs for 12 weeks. It's based on a strategic 3-phase approach to natural and healthy weight loss which is achieved through specifically addressing the needs and challenges that ladies that ladies often face anytime they try to get in shape. This kind of approach is known as Dynamic Sequencing. All of the videos run for 45 minutes each and it's highly recommended that you perform 3 of these videos every week. And by the way, the program has a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days if you are not totally and completely satisfied with the results, and that's very cheap.

  • Phase one - which is known as the Foundational Flow which is to teach you the basics on yoga practice as well as helping you start shaping those long and lean muscles, based on building a firm and solid yoga foundation for the initial 4 weeks. Anyone can benefit from this unique series of sequence both beginners and advanced yoga students alike. This is the aspect where you learn how to execute the right form and develop a strong mind to body connection in the sense that you can easily call on your muscles when entering the next phase. In essence, this phase is to help you effectively progress through the next two phases safely.
  • Phase two - this is known as the Transitional Flow. Here you learn how to combine those moves learned from phase one into a smooth flow that in turn will allow you to burn more calories as well as get your heart rate improved. At this point, you will start feeling more comfortable doing the basic moves which means you have to mix up the flow, this way your body keeps guessing and is forced to adapt and change for the better. this phase concentrates on 3 large muscle groups which are the Upper body, Lower body, and Core respectively. Next would be working on transition as you move from one pose to another. It's wonderful to learn how to link all these poses together, which lets you pay attention to the present instead of allowing your mind to hover around.
  • Phase three - this is the final phase known as the Mastery Flow. Here get ready to heat it up a little bit ladies. Now you have to take all the knowledge learned from the initial phases and combine it into an extremely hot sequence which will fire up your metabolism and change your body drastically in ways that you never imagined could be achieved with the help of yoga.

The layout of each video varies slightly from others. Each pose has more of repetition to really encourage fatigue on the desired muscles effectively. You will also be guided through specific combinations of lower and upper body movements. These were meant to help the target muscles give you that sexy hourglass shape you desire. This phase is designed to add more energy and recuperate your mental focus. Also, it would maximize the amount of unwanted weight you can lose.

What I Like in This Program

  • It is well organized
  • It can be done in the comfort of your home without thinking about the timeframe, all you have to do is download the digital copy.
  • It is backed by a 60 days money back guarantee.
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    The sequence can be adjusted to suit your capabilities; in other words, you won't be forced to attempt any pose too easy or too difficult for you.
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    This is great for stretches.
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    Anyone can do it. No matter your size or the fact that you haven't done yoga before. Just put effort into it and you will experience progress.
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    You don't need much space to do it.

What I Didn't Like in This Program

  • An advanced student cannot use this program if looking for something to push you to the next level.
  • It's is actually a 15 minute class which is repeated 3 times.
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    The outcomes vary among users, in the sense that a user can get results early while another may have to wait for long to get the desired results.
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    Due to the digital-only option, those that don't get motivated except in a live class might be at a disadvantage.
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    But come on, is it really worth your money? Yes, it’s worth every single penny.

UPDATE: My Results Before and After 6 Weeks Progress

Yoga burn changed my life and saved my job. I lost a lot of weight faster, cause the program helped boost my metabolism which enabled my body to burn more fat for energy. And isn't that sexy hourglass what we all want? I am even thinking of getting into a relationship. ❤

I started feeling more alive and vibrant like yoga just unlocked the energy inside me. And it helped me at work, brought out a brand new me. This boosted my confidence and made me more social lately. My boss now likes my services and even recommended yoga burn for two of our staffs.

Yoga burn is such a good product that I would recommend it to anyone I know wants to lose some weight through yoga. It makes the user at the end of the program feel always calm, disciplined, stronger and more balanced than before.


I am grateful that Zoe Cotton created the YOGA BURN PROGRAM and the fact that I participated in it. She is a very good instructor, not annoying and gives details to each step by step procedures as the program goes on. I am definitely feeling the difference in my body changes and am happy about healthier in just six weeks through this program.

Just 6 weeks and already had a few comments from some friends about me looking younger and more beautiful.

Investing in YOGA BURN was a good choice I admit it, and I am glad I found it.

To anyone out there looking for a solution to weight problems, if YOGA BURN could work for me, I believe it can work for you too. 😉

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